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Our Partnership

Your Benefit

COZEE has formed an exciting partnership with Your Workplace Solutions, adding to a wide range of services already delivering value.  COZEE works closely with YWS to provide bespoke packages of work to each client, understanding individual needs, challenges and desired outcomes.

YWS adds decades of experience to a service designed for new expectations in site and staff health and hygiene.

Our services are currently being provided in commercial and residential environments, delivering hygiene security to provide all facility users with the assurance, everything possible has been done for a hygienic and safe environment.

Our Services

COZEE services are available 24/7 to disinfect your business premise and provide data demonstrating you have done everyting you can, to provide a safe and hygienic environment.

Our most popular service, seamlessly embedding new quality standard hygiene into your daily routine.


  • Provide hygiene testing before and after service

  • Use only salt, water and air to disinfect

  • Seal all rooms treated

  • Provide hygiene reports on a regular basis

COZEE works as part of existing cleaning regimes or can be introduced as a full hygiene service providing hygiene throughout the working week.

Hygiene shock treatment for your office, gym, shop, hotel, bar, pub, restaurant and many more.

If you are concerned about your hygiene levels, COZEE will test your facility for hygiene levels and provide a one of shock treatment to provide assurances to you and your staff by reducing bacteria levels,and the associated risk.

COZEE-20 is available 24/7 enabling quick response to your concerns, removing anxiety with data.

Shock hygiene treatment for your  vehicle, aircraft, bus or train fleet using only air and water and salt.

COZEE uses either dry fog containing only salt and water or 100% touchless ozone, also enabling completely moisture free disinfection.

COZEE-AUTO can be provided as part of a fully integrated solution to large facilities also using our COZEE-20 or COZEE-COMMERCIAL services.

COZEE-GATEWAY checks attendess, staff, guests and all other site visitors temepratures and provides a gentle mist of CONTI+ oXan, helping maintain a hygienic environment for all.

COZEE-GATEWAY is suitable for all locations from a single unit to multiple applications for large scale events or infrastructure hubs.

If you would like to discuss any of our services or book an appointment please contact YWS on 01276 670 915 or mail at:

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